My three year old son James came and sat in meditation with me last night. I was sitting there meditating before bed and he came out of his room and looked at me, as I sat on my meditation cushion facing the wall. 

Without a word he went back to his room, grabbed a pillow, and returned. He put the pillow on the floor next to me and sat in the exact same way as I was sitting and faced the wall as well. We sat together in meditation for nine minutes.

He’s normally a hyper and loud child, so this was strange. I will let him join me any time that he tries. It was a good experience.



One thought on “Accidentally Meditating with a Child

  1. having less baggage to deal with
    children generally find it much easier than adults
    to abide in meditative states
    and it’s wonderful when an adult
    can help them understand what it means 🙂

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